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Implementing Cisco NX-OS Switches and Fabrics in the Data Center (DCNX)

  • Length 5 days
  • Version 1.0
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Why study this course

This course gives you a detailed understanding of the Cisco® Nexus switch platform and teach you how to install, configure, and manage Cisco Nexus® switch platforms in a scalable, highly available environment.

Through a combination of lectures and hands-on labs, you will learn how to describe various aspects of the Cisco Nexus product families and platforms, including implementation, management, security, programmability and storage. Additionally, you will learn how to configure device aliases and zoning, Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), and N-Port Identifier Virtualisation (NPIV), and N-Port Virtualisation (NPV) modes.

Digital courseware: Cisco provides students with electronic courseware for this course. Students who have a confirmed booking will be sent an email prior to the course start date, with a link to create an account via before they attend their first day of class. Please note that any electronic courseware or labs will not be available (visible) until the first day of the class.

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What you’ll learn

Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

  • Describe the platforms that make the Cisco Nexus 9000, 7000, 3000, and 2000 product families

  • Describe Cisco Nexus platform implementations

  • Explain Cisco Nexus platform management

  • Describe Port Channels and Virtual Port Channels

  • Configure First Hop Redundancy protocols

  • Configure security features of Cisco Nexus devices

  • Describe the Cisco Nexus devices routing and forwarding

  • Describe Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN)

  • Describe Quality of Service (QoS) on Cisco Nexus Devices

  • Explain system management and monitoring processes

  • Describe Cisco NX-OS programmability

  • Describe Cisco Nexus storage services

  • Configure device aliases and zoning

  • Configure FCoE

  • Configure NPIV and NPV modes

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Who is the course for?

  • Data center systems engineers

  • Field engineers

  • Architects

  • Cisco partners using Cisco Nexus Series switch platforms

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Course subjects

  • Describing Cisco Nexus Series Switches

  • Describing Cisco Nexus Platforms Implementation

  • Describing Cisco Nexus Platforms Management

  • Describing Port Channels and Virtual Port Channels

  • Configuring First Hop Redundancy Protocols

  • Configuring Cisco Nexus Security Features

  • Describing Cisco NX-OS Routing and Forwarding

  • Describing Virtual Extensible LAN

  • Describing QoS on Cisco Nexus Devices

  • Configuring System Management and Monitoring

  • Describing Cisco NX-OS Programmability

  • Describing Cisco Nexus Storage Services

  • Configuring Fibre Channel Over Ethernet

  • Describing Device Aliases and Zoning

  • Configuring NPIV and NPV Modes

Lab outline

  • Test Cisco Nexus Platforms

  • Configure User Management

  • Configure vPC

  • Configure First Hop Redundancy Protocol (FHRP) Protocols

  • Configure Cisco Nexus Security Features

  • Configure Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)

  • Configure VXLAN

  • Configure QoS

  • Configure System Management

  • Configure Cisco NX-OS On-Box Programmability

  • Configure Containers on Cisco NX-OS

  • Configure Cisco NX-OS Using Ansible

  • Configure Basic Fibre Channel Features

  • Configure FCoE

  • Configure Fiber Channel Device Aliases and Zoning

  • Configure NPV


To fully benefit from this course, you should have the following knowledge and skills:

  • Be familiar with Cisco data center technologies

  • Understand networking protocols, routing, and switching

Terms & Conditions

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