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TOGAF® 10 - EA Foundation and Practitioner Intensive Program

  • Length 4 days
  • Version 10th Edition
  • Inclusions Exam vouchers
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Why study this course

Looking for TOGAF Standard, Version 9.2 training? View the course details and scheduled dates here.

TOGAF 10 - EA Foundation and Practitioner Intensive Program delivered by EA Learning is a course accredited by The Open Group. DDLS promotes this course for EA Learning.

Based on the TOGAF Standard, 10th Edition, this course offers a wholly modernised take on Enterprise Architecture. By completing the TOGAF Standard, 10th Edition course attendees will be fully equipped to take their organisation’s enterprise architecture practices to the next level.

You will be taught by a certified TOGAF instructor, who has extensive experience as a practising architect and will guide you in the real-world application of the TOGAF Standard, 10th Edition.

If you’re joining a class in person, you will need to bring your own laptop/tablet to view the electronic course materials, which will be provided to you in a digital format prior to the course commencing.

This course is delivered as virtual-only for some dates, and carries a small discount.

At the end of the training, you will be prepared to sit your certification exams. When you are ready, simply contact EA Learning support to request your free exam vouchers. Requests must be made within 12 months of completing the training. Exam voucher requests are typically processed within two working days but please allow up to five. You can then make appointments for your exams with Pearson VUE.

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What you’ll learn

The first part of the course covers the basic knowledge and understanding of the Enterprise Architecture using the TOGAF approach, sufficient for an individual to be able to contribute to an architecture project or work with the results, including:

  • The concepts of Enterprise Architecture and the TOGAF Standard

  • The key terminology of the TOGAF Standard

  • The Architecture Development Method (ADM) cycle and the objectives of each phase, and how to adapt and scope the ADM for use

  • The techniques available to support application of the ADM

  • Applying the ADM, including use of iteration, partitioning, and application in a Digital enterprise

  • How Architecture Governance contributes to architecture development

  • Architecture content - the outputs produced while executing the ADM.

The second part covers the knowledge, comprehension, and ability to analyse and apply the TOGAF Standard to developing, sustaining, and using an Enterprise Architecture, including:

  • The context within which an Enterprise Architecture practitioner must operate

  • How to apply the stakeholder management technique

  • How to implement the Architecture Vision phase including its applicable techniques

  • How to implement the Architecture Development Method (ADM) Phases B, C, and D to develop an architecture, together with the applicable techniques

  • How to implement the ADM Phases E, F, and G to implement an architecture, together with the applicable techniques

  • How to implement Architecture Change Management

  • How to manage architecture requirements

  • How to use The Open Group Library

  • How to support the ADM work with applicable techniques

  • Using architecture levels to organise the Architecture Landscape

  • The Architecture Content Framework.

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Who is the course for?

Knowledge of TOGAF is highly useful to anybody involved in business transformation and capability improvement, including Enterprise, Business and IT Architects, Business and Systems Analysts, as well as Business Executives and Managers, Program, Project and Change Managers, and Subject Matter Experts.

This training course is for anybody involved in the development and application of architecture including:

  • Individuals expected to apply the TOGAF approach to develop, sustain, and transform domain architectures

  • Individuals actively leading or contributing to organisational transformation

  • Individuals working in Agile environments who need to understand and apply Enterprise Architecture using the TOGAF Standard

  • Professionals who work for or join an organisation applying the TOGAF Standard

  • Individuals who need to start to learn the TOGAF method

  • Individuals who want to achieve the TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Foundation and Practitioner qualifications in a stepwise manner, or other certifications and certification credentials from The Open Group where this certification is a prerequisite

Course subjects

TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Foundation

  • Introduction

  • Concepts

  • Definitions

  • Introduction to the ADM Phases

  • Introduction to ADM Techniques

  • Introduction to Applying the ADM

  • Introduction to Architecture Governance

  • Architecture Content

  • TOGAF Certification Program

TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Practitioner

  • Introduction

  • The Context for Enterprise Architecture

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Phase A, the Starting Point

  • Architecture Development

  • Implementing the Architecture

  • Architecture Change Management

  • Requirements Management

  • Supporting the ADM Work


A prior knowledge of Enterprise Architecture is advantageous but not required.


DDLS offers certification and training through our partnership with EA Learning. This arrangement requires DDLS to provide your details to EA Learning for course and/or exam registration purposes.

Terms & Conditions

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