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VMware On Demand is a robust, self-paced learning solution delivering modular training combined with hands-on or interactive, simulated labs, giving you a powerful alternative to traditional classroom training.

The benefits include:

  • Complimentary VMware Certification voucher upon completion of most courses

  • 30 days of unlimited access to interactive, modular training

  • Content equivalent to classroom training

  • Practice labs delivered through VMware Lab Connect™

Introducing VMware On Demand

To purchase a VMware On Demand course, call our Customer Experience Team or your Account Manager on 1800 853 276 or email

Available On Demand Courses

Multi-Cloud Price incl. GST
VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V6.7] or [V7.0] $5830
VMware vSphere: Optimize and Scale [V6.7] or [V7.0] $6347
VMware vSphere: What’s New [V6.7 to V7.0] $3498
VMware vSAN: Management and Operations [V7.0] $3498
VMware vSAN: Plan and Deploy [V7.0] $2332
VMware vSAN: Deploy and Manage [V6.7] $3498
VMware vSAN: Production Operations [V6.7] $2332
VMware Site Recovery Manager: Install, Configure Manage [V8.2] $2332
VMware vRealize Automation: Install, Configure, Manage [V7.6] or [V8.3] $5830
VMware vRealize Operations: Install, Configure, Manage [V8] or [V8.2] $5830
VMware vRealize Operations for Operators [V8.2] $2332
VMware vRealize Operations: Advanced Use Cases [V8.x] $2541
VMware vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager: Install, Configure, Manage [V8] $2332
VMware vRealize Log Insight: Deploy and Manage [V8.4] $2332
VMware Cloud on AWS: Deploy and Manage 2021 $3498
VMware Cloud on Dell: Deploy and Manage 2022 $4664
VMware Cloud Foundation: Planning, Management, Operations [V4.3] $5830
VMware Cloud Director: Install, Configure, Manage [V10.3] $5830
VMware vCloud Director Tenant Operations [V10.x] $5830
VMware vCloud NFV with vCloud Director [V9.7] $5830
VMware Telco Cloud Automation: Install, Configure, Manage [V1.8] $5830
VMware Telco Cloud Infrastructure: Install, Configure, Manage [V2.0] $5830
VMware Telco Cloud Platform: Install, Configure, Manage [V2.0] $3498
VMware Telco Cloud Platform for Radio Access Network: Install, Configure, Manage [V1.5] $3498
VMware Integrated Openstack: Install, Configure, Manage [V7.0] $5830
Network and Security Price incl. GST
VMware NSX-T Data Center: What’s New [V3.2] $3498
VMware NSX-T Data Center: Install, Configure, Manage [V3.0] or [V3.2] $5830
VMware NSX-T Data Center: Troubleshooting and Operations [V2.4] or [V3.0] $6347
VMware NSX-T Data Center: Migration from NSX Data Center for vSphere $3806
VMware NSX-T Data Center: Multisite Deployments with Federation $3806
VMware NSX: Install, Configure, Manage [V6.4] $5830
VMware NSX: Troubleshooting and Operations [V6.4] $6347
VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud: Deploy and Manage $1166
VMware vRealize Network Insight: Install, Configure, Manage [V6.1] $2332
Anywhere Workspace Price incl. GST
VMware Workspace ONE: Deploy and Manage [V21.x] $5830
VMware Workspace ONE: Skills for UEM [V21.x] $3498
VMware Workspace ONE: Integrating Access with UEM [V21.x] $2332
VMware Workspace ONE: UEM Troubleshooting [V21.x] $2332
VMware Workspace ONE: Advanced Integration (special 10 day access) [V21.x] $5071
VMware Workspace ONE: Modern Management for Windows 10 [V21.x] $2332
VMware Horizon 8: Deploy and Manage $5830
VMware Horizon 8: Skills for Virtual Desktop Management $3498
VMware Horizon 8: Infrastructure Administration $2332
VMware Horizon 8: Infrastructure Troubleshooting $3806
VMware Horizon 8: Virtual Desktop Troubleshooting $2541
VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard $1265
VMware App Volumes and Dynamic Environment Manager $3498
App Modernisation Price incl. GST
Kubernetes Fundamentals and Cluster Operations $4664
VMware vSphere with Tanzu: Deploy and Manage (special 10 days access) [V7] $2541
Spring: Core Training $5071
Spring Boot: Developer $2541
VMware Tanzu RabbitMQ: Install, Configure, Manage $3806
VMware Tanzu Application Service: Install, Configure, Manage (special 10 days access) $3806
VMware Tanzu Mission Control: Management and Operations 2020 $3806
VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid: Install, Configure, Manage (special 10 days access) [V1.3] $5830
Endpoint Security Price incl. GST
VMware Carbon Black App Control Administrator $1166
VMware Carbon Black App Control Advanced Administrator $1265
VMware Carbon Black EDR Administrator $1166
VMware Carbon Black EDR Advanced Administrator $1265
VMware Carbon Black EDR Advanced Analyst $1265
VMware Carbon Black Cloud: Plan and Deploy $2332
VMware Carbon Black Cloud: Advanced Operations and Troubleshooting $2332
VMware Carbon Black Cloud Audit and Remediation $1265
VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard $1265
VMware Carbon Black Cloud Enterprise EDR $1265
VMware Carbon Black Portfolio: Configure and Manage $5830
VMware NSX-T Data Center for Intrinsic Security [V3.1] $5830

Frequently asked questions about VMware On Demand Courses

Do the VMware On Demand courses provide the same certification as live classroom instruction?
Yes, the On Demand courses are built using the instructor led training materials, and they provide the same certification options.

How can I find out how long I have left to complete an On Demand course?
The typical duration is 30 days. From the course content page, click the Course Information link. That page displays your Available On Demand until date. Alternatively, you can login to, click myEnrollments, and then click the + next to the course listing.

How quickly can I activate my course after purchase?
Immediately. The course is automatically activated at the time of purchase.

What if I do not complete the course in the time allowed?
If you do not complete the course within your allotted time after purchase, you do not receive credit for attending the course. If you want to continue taking the course beyond your allotted time, you must purchase the course again.

Once I complete the course, can I access it again for review?
You can access the course at any time during your allotted period after purchase - even after you have completed the final assessment. Continuous access helps bolster your ongoing learning. To access the labs and content after you have completed the Final Assessment, return to your MyLearn enrollments and click on the myTranscript tab. Under the Courses section, click the Replay link for your course

Why is the course lab a separate link from the course content?
On Demand course labs provide a fully functioning virtual environment of networked servers and desktops along with a lab guide that includes the instructions for completing the labs. This rich learning environment is built separately from the course content in order to leverage the VMware OneCloud vApp technology.

Are the labs the same as in the instructor-led course?
Yes, the lab exercises are the same as offered in the instructor-led course.

How do I complete the final assessment?
Once you complete the course materials and successfully pass each module quiz, you must complete and pass the Final assessment. Note that the assessments allow you to self evaluate your knowledge on the course taken. You have a maximum of 5 attempts to complete the assessment. Note: The assessment completion does not trigger Lab or Content completions. All components of subscriptions need to be individually completed.

What happens after I complete the final assessment?
Once you have successfully passed the Final Assessment, the course is no longer visible under your Current Enrollments; it now resides under Past Enrollments and is marked Complete.

How do I contact technical support if I encounter any issues while completing my course?
Please send your support query to

Can I transfer access to my course to another person?
No, On Demand courses are assigned to one person only. Any transfer to another person voids your access all together.

What happens at the end of the course? How am I notified that the course has ended?
Once you complete 80% of the overall course, course completion is triggered, your transcript is updated to reflect successful completion of the course. However, you still have access to the course content and course lab for the allotted duration.

Can I download or print out a certificate of completion once I complete the course?
Yes, once you successfully pass the final assessment for the course, you can return to myTranscript in myLearn and click the Certificate link below the name of the course. That link opens a new window to display your certificate.

What languages are supported in the On Demand courses?
Most of the On Demand courses are in English only. Non-English courses are built based on market demand.