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What is IT service management and delivery?

Are you involved in reducing downtimes for software and applications within your organisation? Does your role include proactive innovation for managing corporate networks? We offer a guide on IT service management (ITSM).

Access the EBook to get answers to questions like:

  • What is ITSM?

  • What are ITSM frameworks?

  • What are the four perspectives or attributes of IT service management?

  • What is the role of ITIL within IT service management?

  • What factors and trends will impact ITSM beyond 2020?

  • What is a good career path in ITSM?

  • How do you find the right ITSM training providers?

ITSM is about more than just applications. It looks at “services” (that includes applications) from end to end. From proactive concepts (innovation) to the sustainable delivery of valuable services in the longer term.

The task of implementing all the policies, practices, procedures and tools needed to meet these organisational demands is referred to as IT Service Management (ITSM).

While there are many formal definitions of ITSM, in its simplest form the term refers to managing the implementation, improvement and support of IT services on behalf of a customer.

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Get insights on how you can define your role in ITSM and identify ITSM training and certifications to help you map out and grow your career.

This guide includes ideas on IT service management tools and software like ITIL and DevOps that you can leverage and how you can add value to organisations through your work in ITSM.

Take a peek into a possible ITSM career path with a case study on the day-to-day tasks and certifications for an IT security architect.

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